Have a question about your benefits, hours worked, vacation check, pension, annuity or retirement. You can call the Trust Fund or write to them and they will direct you to the right department.
How to contact the Trust Fund:
California Field Iron Workers Trust Fund
131 N. El Molino Ave. Suite 330
Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone number : (800)527-4613
When changing your address we recommend you call the hall first so that we can update your records in our office. The Trust Fund will also need your new address in writing.
Reporting the birth of a new child, change in marital status, or a change in beneficiary will require you to fill out new forms.
Many forms can be accessed on:
Reporting the Death of a Member:
Please call the hall and report the information of our member’s passing, we will assist you with information that will be needed to correspond with the Trust Fund.